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Holstein Quebec embryo sale

Online from February 5th to 12th, 12PM, Est.

The final sale will start February 13th at 11AM.

Contacts :
Valérie Bolduc (coordinator) - 450 778-9636 poste 238
Philippe Perreault (Tech support) - support@encheresholsteinquebec.com

Terms and conditions


Registration for online bidding will be available on February 5th (encheresholsteinquebec.com). Online bidding will take place starting Friday February 5th at 12pm to Friday February 12th 12PM (Eastern Time).


Saturday, February 12th, each lot will be put up for auction based on the last bid per embryo established during the silent portion of the sale. If no bids were obtained prior to the auction, then the minimum starting bid will be established at $400 per embryo. The highest bidder starting from the last silent bid or the minimum starting bid will be the buyer of the complete lot. All lots have four (4) or two (2) embryos unless indicated otherwise. In case of dispute, the lot will again be put up for advance bids. If there is no further bidding, the lot will be sold to the person from whom the auctioneer accepted the last bid. Every lot is pledged to absolute sale. By-bidding is prohibited, except in the case of a joint ownership when the purpose of the bidding is to re-apportion the owner’s shares and provided that the intention to so bid and the purpose thereof is announced prior to all bidding for the lot in question. The auctioneer may, at his discretion, refuse to accept a bid. In the case of equal bid, internet bid will prevail. Commission is at the charge of the consignors.


If you are unable to attend the Embryo Sale, please feel free to contact any member of the sales team or the sale manager, and they will be happy to assist and represent you. It is the responsibility of the potential buyer to have final bids in before sale time. The sale management cannot guarantee that cellular lines will be open at sale time.


Payment in full is expected at the conclusion of the sale on all embryos produced before sale day. For all embryos yet to be produced, a down payment of 25% is expected at the conclusion of the sale with the remaining 75% to be settled before embryo shipment. Buyers are responsible for the payment of the applicable sales taxes on embryos. Taxes applicable to Quebec buyers are GST (5%) and PST (9.975%). For buyers elsewhere in Canada GST (5%) and HST of the buyer’s province is applicable. For foreign buyers, taxes are not applicable. In the unlikely event that the desired embryos are not obtained from an offering that is yet to be produced, the following steps shall be taken to fulfill the purchase agreement: the seller shall offer embryos of another flush to a mutually agreed sire in the event the above cannot be resolved or in the case of death of the donor dam, a full refund will be made to the buyer.


Shipping costs are included in the purchase price for embryos shipped in Quebec. It is recommended by the sale management to insure the value of the embryo lot (approx. 2% fee), in the case of loss or damage due to transportation, these costs are the responsibility of the buyer. For shipment of embryos outside of Canada, an option will be available to buyers by Semex for a flat fee of $100 per lot in addition to insurance coverage at 2% of the embryo value. This special fee does not include any costs within their country. Contact your local Semex distributor for more information. Shipment will be coordinated by the sale management. In the case a lot is exported through the Semex network, any transport fees from the vet clinic to the Guelph facilities as well as health charts are the consignor’s responsibilities. The purchaser may choose to coordinate embryo shipment privately, however, all costs and responsibility will be assumed by the purchaser. All embryos are qualified for exportation, some exceptions may apply, please see the sale manager.


Any error noted in the catalogue will be announced from the auctioneer’s stand. Any announcement from the auctioneer’s stand will take precedence over any matter in the catalogue.


The sale manager is the seller’s agent and is not personally responsible for any warranties, guarantees or representations made bona fide in reliance upon the information provided by the seller. The seller is responsible for all such warranties, guarantees, and representations. Complaints should be made to the seller or sale manager before the close of the sale. In all cases, the seller’s responsibility to the buyer is limited to the sale price paid by the buye